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Some sad news... Mustafa has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. See the Mustafa page to see what a great pup he was...


extra.gif (4096 bytes)Hey kids! Rob finally got off his lazy ... um ... finally got around to putting Keelor's finishing picture on-line. Check out "Keelor's Page" for updates! (4-Dec-98)

Welcome to a new location, a new layout, and a new design!

Once again, it has been far too long between updates, and trust us ... there is even more new now!

It is beginning to look like Noah's Ark around here... two people, two cats, two dogs... now all we have to do is figure out what the heck a cubit is!

New pages abound around here! We have added a section on the cats (they were complaining about being left out), and as you may have guessed by the sentence above, there is a new addition in the puppy department... click on "The Puppies" to see who's new. We have also taken all of the various photos we have of the whole fam damily and placed them in our new on-line photo album, the "Picture Gallery". And again, by popular demand, "The Search Page" remains unchanged except for the formatting.

We have also added a SiteMap to aid those of you who cannot view the yet-again-real-cool buttons on the left.

Let  us just add that this page is still a work in progress, and some feature may not work, or look quite as polished as they should. If you have comments or questions, please let us know.


Now, just because I'm curious, here is a counter to see how many of you actually look at this page...

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